Membership information:

Below are details of all our membership options. Please click on the "View details" to the right of each line to see full details regarding that membership option. The prices quoted are the annual membership fee that CMT charges, but please be aware that there may be other charges involved. For example rehearsing for a show will cost CMT to hire the venue and pay an hourly fee to the Musical Director. Whilst we are a non-profit organisation and therefore don't make a profit, we would also prefer not to make a loss, so we would look to those taking part to help towards the costs involved. This generally means paying a few pounds towards each rehearsal and a show fee for the final production. We will always let you know in advance what the costs will be and will always do our best to keep the costs fixed and as low as possible.

Membership details

Membership Annual cost Action
Associate £10.00 View details
Friend £0.00 View details
Full £25.00 View details
Honorary £0.00 View details
Junior £15.00 View details
Parent £0.00 View details